With a lack of communication, I’m lost, stuck in a rut, thoughts f*cked up, edging on disgust, minds run wild when the heart’s beguiled, when things get tough, actions are abrupt, even more risky as attitudes erupt, I feel the efforts I put into everything disrupt, I cried so much…… got me reacting differently, I … Continue reading Ravenous 

Luv’z Angst

I try not to criticize because in relationships I’ve been one to epitomize, the distrustful nature that gives life to lies, but we all know the pain that time in thought buys, cause he approached me one night under cloudy night skies, I could even see the angst in his angry arched eyes, as he … Continue reading Luv’z Angst

Unease of Guilt 2.0

SAW the approach, SMELLED the lavender scent,  wanted to TOUCH but didn’t yet have consent,  he could HEAR her sweet melody,  and desired the TASTE of her lips,  this thing was real, of that he was convinced….. Tempted by our five senses,Hearts left defenseless, why are we repeatedly victims, when out of the trenches comes … Continue reading Unease of Guilt 2.0

The Path

People always applaud you when you accomplish a feat…… is the act a societal norm, like a “bless you” to a sneeze, or is it because they know that you have faced defeat on your path in varying degrees….. Are they applauding the reward or the path, I’d like to think the latter, cause on … Continue reading The Path