Infinite Valentine 

I’m going to address the elephant in the room…..(keep in mind, this is only a perspective… I mean I’m only on the inside looking in….andddd I am not attacking anyone else) I’ve seen plenty of posts that say you shouldnt wait until Feb 14th to treat your mate, and that you should do it 365 … Continue reading Infinite Valentine 

Luv’z Angst

I try not to criticize because in relationships I’ve been one to epitomize, the distrustful nature that gives life to lies, but we all know the pain that time in thought buys, cause he approached me one night under cloudy night skies, I could even see the angst in his angry arched eyes, as he … Continue reading Luv’z Angst

Addict’s Manifesto

I come to you alone….. to explain my plight, I feel death’s breath upon my brow, I may not make it through the night, in the beginning, all I sought out was relief of my aches and pains, but damn, what I received was so much more,  my refill became a score, I became somewhat … Continue reading Addict’s Manifesto

Unease of Guilt

Tempted by our 5 senses, Hearts left defenseless, why are we repeatedly victims, when out of the trenches comes love twisted with menace, and trust has no templates, but we are silent to the fact that lack of guidance can cause violence, a cellphone was the eye witness…… Simply put, he saw it, liked it, … Continue reading Unease of Guilt

Sultry Love

Here I sit…….. staring at her…….. deeply I mean the type of stare that would require me to look away if she were to acknowledge it……. Beautiful in any light……… Literally sweeter than nature’s nectar….. Selfless amongst the selfish….. She stands out with ease……… Infinitely exquisite internally and externally….. The amount of love that I … Continue reading Sultry Love

Khaotic Erotika (part 1)

 ⭐️Khaotic Erotika (Part 1) ⭐️(Adult content) SHE awoke after a long restful nap and was parched…….. she stood from the bed, and suddenly became aware of how naked she was. She wore a lace nighty but it was open, exposing areas of her breast and abdomen……. She rubbed over these areas with her right hand … Continue reading Khaotic Erotika (part 1)