Khaos Theory (Day 349)

Khaos Theory (Day 349)Conversations:  Nurse-πŸ™‚ “Do you participate in leisure activities?” Patient-πŸ€” “Leisure activities????” Nurse-πŸ™‚”Yes sir, it’s just a question we ask of all patients during the admission interview.” Patient-πŸ€”*whispers* “Leisure activities” ….. “I mean, I spend the night over my brothers house sometimes…..” Nurse-πŸ™‚”Alrighty.” Patient- 😠*whispers, slightly irritated* “Gon ask me about leisure activities……. … Continue reading Khaos Theory (Day 349)

Harmless Wordz

Harmless wordz (explicit language) How is it that we arrived here….. was our path preordained, or is this a valiant attempt to maintain….. appearances that is…. because THEY don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, we give each other the biz, altercations and verbal wars, not the kind that lead to intimacy, but more … Continue reading Harmless Wordz