The Lounger 

So………..I went to the local movie theater a couple of times this weekend (I actually drove 25 minutes past the local theater to get to the luxury theater with the lounger seats). I went to see “Fifty Shades Darker” and “John Wick 2,” both of which were fairly decent movies, but they have nothing to … Continue reading The Lounger 

Luv’z Angst

I try not to criticize because in relationships I’ve been one to epitomize, the distrustful nature that gives life to lies, but we all know the pain that time in thought buys, cause he approached me one night under cloudy night skies, I could even see the angst in his angry arched eyes, as he … Continue reading Luv’z Angst


So……. we went to see “Fences” last night after our New Year’s Day supper and I must admit that I went in without a clue of what the movie was about. Please pardon my vent that is to follow….. So as we were leaving, I overheard a lady (also exiting) say to her male companion, … Continue reading Oh-Fence-ive